“Nothing happens. Nobody comes, nobody goes. It’s awful.”

I was fascinated to read Benjamin Moser’s biography of Susan Sontag, particularly the chapters about staging Waiting for Godot during the siege of Sarajevo. “Perhaps I felt that the despair of Act I was enough for the Sarajevo audience, and I wanted to spare them a second time when Godot does not arrive.”

The gorgeous Russian word for ladybird was sent to me via Whatsapp this week, and translates into English as ‘God’s little cow’. Look out божья коровка.

In terms of pandemic related content, which I have tried to stay clear of, these posters from 1970s Soviet Kazakhstan are stunning and indeed relevant with their advice on hand washing. Stay safe out there. 

This Joseph Brodsky poem captures the mood of the week well: 

“Don’t leave the room, don’t make the mistake and run.

If you smoke Shipkas, why do you need Suns?

Things are silly out there, especially the happy clucks.

Just go to the john, and come right back.”

There is a great new Rios Crew edit out of Budapest, and some great Paris footage in ЛУЧИ by Moscow based PACCBET.

This RT interview with Slavoj Žižek is strange, but worth a watch nonetheless. “Even when things return to normal, it will not be the same normality as the normality in which we lived until now”.

At least the kids are still out skating in Slovenia :.)

Though we are not be able to leave the UK right now, we need not long for brutal, grey, austere architecture. Shout out to @defensivearchitecture and @brutgroup for reminding us that there is plenty of the stuff on this little island. 

“London should stop governing the rest of the country, but should be allowed to govern itself, and to much the same degree as Scotland, as its political and cultural divergence in the 2010s is similar to Scotland’s in the 1980s”. There is a new Owen Hatherley book out in December :.)

And remember, if you’re isolating yourself at home, you can always spend a staggering 5 hours 19 minutes at the Hermitage online with this video

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