“Introducing small innovations that coax the individual towards a more harmonious way of living”

The moment the LRB podcast discussion about the novel Plastic Emotions mentioned Le Corbusier’s work in Chandigarh I was sold. Ordered a copy to find out more, but also hoping to learn a lot about the work of forgotten Sri Lankan architect Minnette de Silva.

“For me the answer is to start with a series of questionnaires. It seems to me that rather than force a person to live a certain way we should listen to their needs and serve those needs all the while introducing small innovations that coax the individual towards a more harmonious way of living.”

Whilst researching the Lake Sevan Writers’ Resort for a novel I am working on I found these gorgeous designs.

The Guardian have a depressing video of Russian troops failing to keep two metres apart during their preparation for a Victory Day parade.

Apparently this is a trend? :.)

Looking forward to reading this obituary to the socialist urban landscape.

I found an Instagram account that brings together my equally niche interests in skateboarding and the post-Soviet. The USSR Skateboard Museum has been posting some wonderful archive material.

Spent an evening watching the first instalment of Dau, Natasha, which is rough, especially when you read into the controversies which surround the project. The line between performance and reality is difficult to pin point.

Gevorg Kochar, one of the architects behind the Lake Sevan Writers’ Resort, was educated at Moscow’s VKhuTEMAS. I spent an afternoon looking into the graduates of the school who like Kochar were exiled by Stalin. One of which, Ivan Kalinovsky, was punished for his correspondence with Le Corbusier. I am yet to discover whether it was the same Ivan Kalinovsky who wrote this work of science fiction. The date the book was published and the fact that it was printed in Krasnoyarsk suggest it is.

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